Wolf Hunters Free Online Video Slots Review

Wolf Hunters is a free online video slots with 5 reel and 20 payline produced by Yggdrasil Gaming. Based on werewolves and their hunters, the terror theme game comes with Sticky wilds, epic Werewolf searches and 3 free spin features. Wolf Hunters is one of the most attractive slot machines I have ever seen: in front of a moonlit afternoon full of spooky buildings in the background, the concept of the story is that the night has fallen and is horrible the beast is ate Rrorizando to the city: The Wolf hunters are summoned to join the fight. The symbols on the reels include blue diamonds, green sticks, purple swords and Red hearts (all in a wooden panel); You will also find stakes (to kill werewolves), monster traps, bottles of venom and the dreaded werewolf itself. There is also a wildcard symbol that replaces all the symbols that block the dispersions; Every wild landing will give you a break with all the wildcards stuck in place. Search for the werewolf symbol, which is the most paid symbol and appears on all reels: When it appears, a random werewolf Hunter tries to hit him. If they succeed, the werewolf symbol turns into a sticky joker and gives you 1 free respite, this is known as the Werewolf feature.

Technical Features


Each stroke in the werewolf will reduce his life by 1-when it is reduced to 0, the killer’s free spin function is activated. Every hit of a hunter will also give that Hunter + 1 point of rage, when you get 100 points of rage, that Hunter activates his rage Free Spin function. You can see the pickups on the side of the reels. Wolf Hunters comes with 3 free spin features: The standard is activated by obtaining 2 free spin scatter symbols (represented by Hunter and Huntress) on the reels simultaneously with the other 2 that are accessed by filling out collections as Previously described (with IRA points). In the standard Scatter Free spins feature, you get 10 free spins with the ability to win more: Collect 3 free hunter Spin symbols to improve hunter and offer you 2 additional free spins. Once updated, the werewolf will become a joker that expands up and down in a spool position when a hunter hits the werewolf.

Bonus Game


If you collect 3 symbols of Huntress free Spin, you will improve Huntress and 2 get more free spins: If the Slayer gets a hit on the Werewolf, the werewolf becomes a joker that expands into a 1 reel position. Basically, both hunters attack the werewolf that doubles your chances of converting the werewolf symbols into wildcards that then extend upward, downward or left. Then you have the rage free Spins function, which is played when a hunter collects 100 points of rage: you will start with 7 free spins. Now, the enraged Hunter is updated during the show without winning more free spins. The Slayer Free Spins feature gives you 10 free spins and is played when the werewolf health bar reaches 0-there are no free spin symbols to win more free spins, but all the werewolf symbols become wild. Wolf Hunters is an excellent game that is about the 3 features of the free spins actually: it has a great potential for victory in the base game as the wildcards become sticky wildcards with lots of respins on offer. I really like the Scatter free spins function, because you can win additional free spins and have both hunters attacking the werewolf in search of wild lands that extend.