Top Free Social Casino Slot Games 2018

Social casino games provide a unique entertainment option for online users and the fact that they are easily accessible from popular social networks, such as Facebook, make them also highly affordable for manufacturers. To this is added the fact that they can reach players even in those markets where online casinos are banned and therefore represent a viable alternative to real money games. The past, the present and also the future of social casino games is quite interesting. The casino industry has made giant strides over the years, especially if you are referring to online gaming. A unique and interesting result was obtained following the dissemination of casino games accompanied by the growth of social networks, which led to the creation of a global industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars and contributed to the Growth of countless enthusiasts ready to embark on a new gaming experience. We are referring to social casino games and how they are depopulated on the net. First, we want to emphasize that apparently the social casino games are similar to the classic online casino games, but among them there are some important differences. One of these, and perhaps the most important, is that players really can’t bet real money but they can use a virtual currency, provided by the game operator. This entails that you can play for free, but users also have a chance to play for real money so you have a bigger bankroll on a social casino of your choice. Generally, this type of games is linked to social networks, especially Facebook, as it represents an easier way to share information with friends, but also to play with, or against these. Although it is based on a free game mode, the social casino industry will reach a value of 4.4 billion dollars by the end of 2015, so it is certainly deserving of a more thorough analysis.

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A growing sector


Since the year 2013 social casinos represent a reality already well established in the gambling industry and several brands have already active a large number of players on social networks via desktop, and on the mobile platform. A large chunk of revenues comes from North America, which collected 1.146 billion dollars in 2013; It follows Europe with 661 million dollars, Asia with 521 million dollars, Latin America with 320 million and the rest of the world with 197 million dollars. Within the market, social casinos games have a special fascination that attracts a unique target based on a large audience and the appeal of new gameplay mechanisms. The growth of the sector also presents problems and poses important questions, but the general tendency still shows a constant evolution. In 2014, social casino games continued to escalate, but the annual growth rate fell slightly compared to previous years. Caesars Interactive continues to be the largest operator in the industry with a total market share of 21% generated through the wide range of products offered to users. It is flanked by the IGT Double downed, also among the largest producers in the world. In third place we find Zynga, which continues to offer social casino games with many new options for lovers of the genre. The current market is estimated at around 3.4 billion dollars and trends show that the figure could rise to 4.4 billion dollars by 2015, according to forecasts made by Eilers Research. Of course, social casino games represent only a small segment (4% of revenues) of a market around which 91 billion of dollars revolve.


Social Casino Games: a different product for players


As mentioned earlier, social casino games are very similar to their cousins, the online casinos “for real money”. In Essence, any casino game that can be played with virtual currencies on social networks or mobile devices is a social game. This includes blackjack, baccarat, bingo, Slots and many more options. That said, social casino games are also very different, either because you are not playing for real money, or because they are accessible in different markets without coming across strict regulations. A perfect example is the US players, who can access the games directly from their Facebook account. The captivating graphics and the fact that new games are being updated very often, offer users the opportunity to enjoy a free gaming experience anywhere in the world they are. The developers of the branch are completely ‘ free ‘ from the rules restricting the actual games-much lower payout percentages and high volatility rates-and this means much faster development cycles where there is no real need to go into Depth in game mechanics, get patented models, and even elaborate algorithms in a detailed way. Ultimately, social casino games are to be considered the dream of any developer made in the Usa, Being a different product also means that it owns a different target of players. Social casinos are very popular among the younger generation of players, and women represent almost half of the community, given completely in contrast to that of the classic casinos. Initially the goal of the social casino games was mainly to earn valuable time to the big platforms waiting to obtain the relevant licenses. Over the years the goals have changed and the results have shown that social casinos are an independent reality and are not just a stepping stone for big business. Candy Cash and other games have shown that users are less reticent when it comes to using real money to buy virtual goods, thus producing an explosive mix between the social aspect and adrenaline typical of gambling. Social casinos are a demonstration of how gambling is not used with the absolute priority of winning money. Moreover, it is proven that people tend to have much less restrictions when it comes to spending a virtual currency, even if the currency has been paid cash by users.

Almost half of the social casino players spends money


According to a recent research, almost half of the social casino players from the United States spends money to play social casino games. The study was carried out on 17 large market companies that offer these game options and the results showed that 46% of the players invested a few dollars on social casino games in the last 6 months while in the old continent the spending is Almost continuous throughout the solar year. Overall, market analysis highlighted a total increase in the user pool of 36% in the last two years. The research company also analyzed various demographic data related to players who spend money on social casino games and found that the majority is represented by men aged 21 to 35 years. Currently, male sex represents 59% of the market, but the number of female players has increased in recent years. Those found in the age range of 21-35 actually represent 55% of the entire audience of players in the United States. As for the normal playing habits, it turns out that players enjoy 5.6 titles on average and most of them spend between two and five hours each week on the title they like best. From the analysis of the chart we note how the smallest group of customers are women between the ages of 10 and 20 years, representing only 3% of all social casino players women between the ages of 21 and 35 years represent instead 22% of social cases No spenders. The study also revealed that players tend to have accounts on multiple social casino platforms, as well as being also recorded on the classic online gambling platforms.

Looking to the future for the social players


Ultimately, it’s fair to say that social casinos have evolved and will likely continue to grow in the coming years. The sector is still a novelty and its unique characteristics make it a little difficult to predict the future. However, there are some things that lead you to think that social casino games will still succeed and one of the main reasons could be the wide variety of games that users will have available. The first novelty could be a combination of games of chance and skill games in social casinos. Skill-based games could be an attraction for the youngest: Games would be more challenging at first, but then they would become easier as you acquire the right skills. It is true that random odds make games easier for all newcomers and tend to have a unique appeal with older female audiences, but skill-based options will expand the generational target of the players. Adding live dealers could make the social casino experience even more enjoyable. Online table games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat to which real dealers have been added have experienced considerable success. There is no reason why social casinos cannot borrow these options as something positive to make the gaming experience look even more like that of real-world casinos. The furniture is the future. This is true for various industries and it seems that social casinos will not be excluded from the boom of using smartphones and tablets. According to recent statistics, it seems that the popularity of tablets is dropping in favor of smartphones with larger screens or even supported by smart TVs. To retain customers an ad hoc mobile platform for new generation smartphones is an indispensable element, therefore the producers of social casino games will have to work for that purpose. Since we are talking about games on a completely different support from a desktop computer, we can also cite the potential of special 3d glasses for social casinos. These can basically make the player feel right in the middle of the action and provide a different experience from the others currently available. These options could allow a substantial increase in revenue linked to a higher degree of user Engagmente. The future could finally see social casino games actually become social. Nowadays, the most important gambling operators at national and international level are investing to give a social effect to their casinos, where players can interact with each other, create new communities and make new friends while enjoying the Game. As a matter of fact, players who socialize more tend to spend more time at the casino, this would turn into an increase in the money spent and revenues. The potential for now is there. It remains only to be seen how social casinos will develop into the future. For the time being, they proved they could be entertaining, even without taking the money into account.